By Dr. Martin Cwiakala, Special to the Sword and Shield

On Sunday, April 1, two Keenan Seniors, Nat’alia Gathers and Nathaniel Abraham, won two awards for their Engineering Design and Development project entered into the 56th Annual Central South Carolina Region II Science and Engineering Fair. The event was held at the University of South Carolina on March 23. The team entry won both the USC Women in Engineering and Computing Award and the Grand Award Team Category 2nd Place.

Both Gathers and Abraham are students of Dr. Martin Cwiakala[, Engineering Teacher,] in his Engineering Design and Development class. Their project “Design of a Hand[h]eld Network Camera to Video Events” was a novel use of an IP (Internet Protocol) Camera as a handheld camera.

Their abstract states, “The purpose of this project is to design a portable wireless camera that can be used to capture different events all over the school which requires little to no set up on the schools AV network. The advantages of a network camera approach are contrasted with the requirements of a standard video camera (which is typically used to video events), showing that this approach is more desirable and versatile.”

This project was composed of components found on a FIRST FRC Robot, and was shared with other FRC teams at the Palmetto Regional Robotics Competition.

District Technical support was provided by Mr. John Arnold[, Technology Support Technician]. Thanks also go out to the parents of these students who transported them between the Robotics Regional and Volley Ball championships (on the same day) to the Science Fair so that they could compete. We would also like to thank [Mrs.] Cheryl O’Dell[, Principal’s Secretary,] for her support of this event.

Dr. Cwiakala is one Keenan’s Engineering teachers.