By Ryan Smith, Features Reporter

1)    How do you feel about the short season this year?

2)    Which teams are better equipped to handle a short season?

3)    How will the short season effect the post season?

Coach Zachery Norris, Basketball Coach

1)    I really don’t like the short season because it puts everything in a rush, which leads to injuries and internal problems. I also think that this will also give us a false champion because some of the better players’ bodies may be nullified during the playoffs.

2)    I think the older teams are more equipped to handle the short season because of their experience and the longevity of playing together.

3)    I think we will see some of the better teams suffer because of potential injuries to the star players. Also, I really don’t think some of the younger teams will have enough time to gel as a team.

Coach Reggie McClain, Basketball and Softball Assistant Coach

1)    I’m glad there is a short season.

2)    I think all the teams who have veteran players like the Heat, Lakers and Celtics are better equip.

3)    I think it won’t cause the teams to have enough games to play.

Denzel Keller, Freshman

1)      I feel it should be longer.

2)      The Lakers.

3)      I think it won’t.