By Taylor Neal, News Writer

On March 9 the Keenan Beta Club hosted Hat Day. Each student had to buy a sticker for $1.00 and wear their stickers on their hats all day long. The money raised went to the James R. Clark Sickle Cell Foundation. Hat Day was a big success, and everyone enjoyed it.

“Hat day was a real[ly] fun event; I hope it happens again,” Sophomore LaEtta King said.

Many students participated; it was a major accomplishment.

“The Beta Club raised $180, and it could happen again next year if it’s approved,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, Beta Club Sponsor, said.

Students weren’t the only ones who participated in Hat Day. Staff members also wore their own hats.

“I was happy to participate because my friend died of Sickle Cell, and we had a big fundraiser for him. One of the great things I saw was students donating money [who] didn’t even wear a hat. I thought it was a neat way to support something and have their own individual style,” Mr. Christopher Curtis, Teaching Intern, said.

Many students participated in Hat Day because they could finally wear their hats and not go to ISS for wearing them.

“I truly enjoyed Hat Day; I liked the fact that I could finally wear my hat and not get in trouble for wearing it,” Sophomore Timothy Harrison said.

Hat Day made everyone come together and show their different types of hats and their styles that they wore.

“Hat Day really helped me express my sense of style, I liked how each person’s hat matched their personalities,” Sophomore Ayanna Suber said.

Many students gave $1.00 to help people with Sickle Cell.

“I gave my dollar because I wanted to make a difference and help people with Sickle Cell,” Sophomore D’Vaungh Kelley said.