By Ashley Goodwin, News Writer

The goal of the Safe School Climate Project is to improve the school learning environment and reduce student detrimental behaviors by developing and refining a School Climate Index that schools will use to measure a school’s learning environment and to identify and implement effective, research-based interventions to address bullying, violence and substance prevention, as well as academic interventions. In order to reduce student “risk factors,” and promote student achievement and social success, Keenan requested $50,000.00 ($150,000.00 for three years), to provide data-driven, research-based academic and behavioral interventions.

“The money we receive will allow speakers to come speak to students and place incentives and set up programs,” Mr. Christian Earl, Assistant Principal, said.

Keenan will focus on continuing to make gains on all standardized tests, such as the HSAP, SAT, ACT and EOCEP and on improving the graduation, attendance and retention rates at each grade level. Keenan will continue to pursue and establish community and post-secondary partnerships that will assist students.

“We are looking forward to keep recognizing more students’ success and get more of them to do the right thing,” Earl said.

Academic interventions that will be enhanced by the Safe School Climate Project include tutoring, homework assistance, academic enrichment, summer school, Saturday School, credit recovery and academic enrichment (math and reading). Keenan will continue to focus on implementing research-based programs. Teachers will also receive technical assistance in implementing the following: bullying, and violence prevention research-based programs.

“The speakers that will be coming are motivational speakers that encourage students to do the right thing,” Earl said.