By Jacolby Ferguson, Sports Editor

Keenan’s Girls Basketball team is on the road to the State Championship. The ladies’ successful journey was cut short Saturday against Columbia High School at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. Even with a hard fought battle, the team still came up short. Coach Reggie McClain gives his opinion on how his team performed this season.

Do you think your girls had a chance to win State Championship?

“Yes, I actually think we had the chance to make it all the way, but we fell short.”

How hard did you work the girls to get where they are?

“We’ve worked pretty hard to get to where we are at.”

Do you think you have the talent to make the State Championship next year?

“Yes, we have exceptional talent to do it next year; our leader Junior Keira Robinson is a great leader on and off the court.”

Do you think you will have the talent next year to go somewhere?

“Honestly, we have a lot of hard working to do, but with a leader like Keira, I think we will have the chance to do something great next year—just hard work and determination.”