By Christina Belton, Features Writer, and Shawn Washington Sports Writer

On February 18, Keenan’s JROTC helped the community out by cleaning up on Pisgah Church Road. Students are willing to take on some responsibilities to make their community a better place.

“They learned responsibilities such as team work,” Major Walter Savage, JROTC Instructor, said.

In 2011 the Keenan JROTC adopted Pisgah Church Road as part of the Adopt a Highway Program. They are required to do pickup at least four times during the year. It took several hours to finish the pickup.

“It took approximately three hours,” Savage said.

People around the community think it made a difference to the kids and to them.

“Yes, anytime that we clean up our area, whether it’s around the school or home, it makes a difference,” Savage said.

Some of the cadets took this clean up personally.

“I felt good knowing I could clean up my community,” Freshman Teresa Williams, JROTC Cadet, said.

The Pisgah Church Road clean up turned out to be a success.

“It was good because everything got cleaned up,” Williams said.

The Pisgah Church Road clean up also benefited some cadets.

“I had a chance to help the community and make it a better,” Freshman Catherine McCray, JROTC Cadet, said.