By Stanique Wilson, Features Editor

Project GOAL has offered Project LEAD (Ladies Empowered to Achieve and Dream) to a limited number of females in grades 11 and 12. Project LEAD will be held every Tuesday during second lunch in B202 from 1:04 to 1:39 with Mrs. Kendra Ruff, a retired teacher.

A good, hot meal of Little Caesars pizza is provided for lunch, which is given to the girls because the program takes place during their lunch.

“I like how the program instructors serve lunch because it does cut into my lunch,” Junior Alaetra Corley said.

Some of the topics that the program discusses are healthy relationships, intimacy, sexuality, peer pressure and life goals. The program tries to provide a comfortable setting for the girls to be able to talk and discuss their own issues.

“…Project LEAD is a project that open[s] doors for females to have the confidence to not be ashamed to express how they feel, also to trust and understand that they’re not the only ones with problems,” Junior Debra McWhite said.

Project LEAD is a program almost like Teen Talk, but in a way they are different because Project LEAD is just females, and Teen Talk is coeducational.

“Project LEAD provides a comfortable setting for me because it has a trustable number of females for me to be able to open up and talk [with] about things I’ve been and are still going through; I love this program,” Corley said.

Ruff is the person in charge of the program.

“My goal with this program is to help these selected females to understand that there is light past the past that they once had and to be able to see to the fact that they’re not the only ones who are going through or have been through what they have been through or are now going through. I also want to be someone they can talk to for help and trust no matter what,” Ruff said.