By Taylor Neal, News Writer, and Abbreonna Tobias, Features Writer

On the week of January 30 and February 3, 2012, was Keenan’s Coming Home Week. This week was filled with a lot of fun and many different ways that students expressed themselves. The days of Spirit Week were: Monday-Double Trouble Day, Tuesday-Geek Squad Day, Wednesday-Picture Perfect Day (Dress up like a favorite celebrity), Thursday- Oldies Day (dress up like a grandma and or grandpa), and Friday-Blue and Gold  (show Raider Pride). Each day was a different way that students showed how much school spirit they had.

“I participated in Oldies Day and Blue and Gold,” Freshman Safari Carter said.

There was a lot of student participation on Nerd Day.

“My favorite day was Nerd Day because it was fun: people dressed different,” Freshman Jaelan Johnson said.

On Friday there was a pep rally. At the pep rally there was a teacher vs. student basketball game. Fouls were made and players shot baskets, but overall the teachers won. Some teachers who played were Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director: Ms. Tonia Young, Mathematics Teacher: and Coach Freddie Solomon, Football Coach. Most students thought that Coming Home Week was a big success.

“The teacher vs. student basketball game was really fun: it was funny to see the teachers play,’’ Sophomore Autumn Hurst said.

On February 3, 2012, Keenan’s Varsity Girls and Boys played against Gilbert for the Coming Home game. Both Keenan teams played their hearts out and beat Gilbert.