By Tarnisha Thomas, News Editor

On January 23, The Marching Raider Rubber Band visited W.G. Sanders Middle School to recruit students for the 2012-2013 school year.

“The purpose is to have more members come in the program. We try and peak their interest in band and to continue their talent,” Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director, said.

There will be several Seniors that who will be graduating in May and leaving their instrumentation spots open that will need to be filled.

“We are looking to recruit about 30 to 40 students for our program,” Hopkins said.

The program will better their musicianship so that when they come to high school, their playing ability and level of music will be on a higher level.

“Well, going to middle schools recruiting young, willing instrumentalist[s] betters our program by adding their talent to what we already have,” Junior Terry Bynum, Snare Player, said.

Recruiting shows the middle school students that believing in the program and putting forth effort is needed to make this program’s future brighter.

“I think that going to middle schools to recruit betters the program because it shows middle school aspiring musicians our passion for what we do,” Junior Keanna Jones, Flute Player, said.

It also gives the program more talented youth, which helps the program rise and gain more recognition throughout the state.

“It prepares the newcomers for the big change and allows them time to think about what they want to do in high school,” Junior Kayla Washington, Flute Player, said.