By Maya’ Goodwin, News Writer

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Many people are wondering whether their Valentine would prefer a purchased Valentine or a homemade Valentine. A few of our Raiders gave their opinion on the whole thing.

“I would want a homemade Valentine because it shows that you took your time and actually thought of me to make me something.”

English Teacher Mary Haile


“I feel that a homemade Valentine would mean so much more to me than a bought one.”

Sophomore Briana Davidson


“I would want a bought Valentine because my family doesn’t know how to make electronics. “

Chemistry Teacher Kareem Beckett


“I would like a bought gift because it looks good and is better and nicer than a homemade gift.”

Junior Jalen Ashley


“Man, a bought gift would be the best for me because I don’t eat everyone’s cooking. “

Sophomore Armel Marsh


“A homemade card because it’s thought out and takes more time than a bought card where someone else has done all the work.”

History Teacher Henrietta Montgomery


“Creativity is not everyone’s strongest skill, so I think I would prefer a bought gift instead of a homemade gift.”

Junior Jeremy Austin


“To be honest, I want a bought gift because if it’s homemade I might not like it.”

Senior Shane Moore


“I would like something thoughtful and original so I would have to say I want a homemade gift.”

Math Teacher Deirdre Huttson


“A bought Valentine because by them spending money on me, it shows they care, and I’m a very picky person.”

Freshman Raegan Crewell


“Homemade because it’s very romantic and it comes from the heart.”

Freshman Russell Perkins


“I would want a homemade gift because it’s from the heart, and it would be more special to me.”

Senior Chris Hampton