By Latasha Williams, Sports Writer

Seniors Craig Taylor and Tiera Smith were crowned Mr. and Miss Keenan on January 16 by Mr. Javonte Jackson and Ms. Carla Wider, Mr. and Miss Keenan from 2010-2011. Smith also won Top Sales Award, Best Talent and Most Poised.

Senior Devin Allen won Mr. Congeniality and First Runner-up to Mr. Keenan.

Sophomore Desia Truesdale won Miss Congeniality.

Freshman Maggie Montgomery won First Runner-up to Miss Freshman.  Miss Freshman was won by Reagan Crewell.

Mr. Sophomore was won by Tylen McKinnon.  First Runner-up to Miss Sophomore was won by Qiyuana Wright, and Miss Sophomore was won by Briana Davidson.

Second Runner-up to Miss Junior was won by Kendra Robinson, First Runner-up by Maya Goodwin, and Miss Junior was won by Clarisa Isaac.

First Runner-up to Miss Keenan was Senior Nathalie Stewart, and Second Runner-up was Senior Tabitha Jones.

“I’m Mr. Keenan, and I’m proud of my accomplishment,” Taylor said.

Taylor said that being on stage was the best feeling in the world. It made him feel very successful to raise $250.00. Taylor’s family was very supportive and gave positive and negative feedback on his talent and major outfits. They gave him more confidence for the next day. Taylor was very glad to be a part of something positive; the winner from last year influenced him to be a part of this. Really practicing and going shopping got him this far.

“I felt very surprised because I thought I had a lot of competition; my fellow peers were very talented, so I knew I had to bring my A-game,” Smith said.

Smith wanted to be a leader; that allowed her to encourage her peers that they too can dream big and be successful.  She felt like she was walking on water.  Smith just wanted to enjoy herself and whatever happened, she allowed it to because no one is perfect. Her success was raising about $700.00.  Smith wanted to go far in the competition. She took it very seriously and wanted to make the best of it.  Smith’s family and friends told her to go for it, and she did.  She gave it her all and she received a reward.  Smith also won the Top Sales Award, Best Talent Award, and the Most Poised Award.

“I just wanted to have my name as [Miss] Sophomore of 2012-2013,” Wright said.

Wright’s mother and her ideas helped her get this far.  Wright felt good being on the stage; she really likes doing good things in front of people.  She won First Runner-up. Wright may not have won the first-place prize, but she feels it’s better than nothing. She raised the amount of $250.00. Wright’s family and friends gave donations and even bought ads.  It changed her whole attitude about always winning because nobody is perfect. In the future Wright will be doing the Keenan Pageant her 11th and 12th grade years.

“Nothing will stop me this time,” Wright said

It was a great experience, different, and something fun to do. Goodwin made a mental note not to put all her emotions in the pageant so that she might win. At first she was very nervous but then she just remembered to keep smiling and have fun. Goodwin raised the amount of $250.00. Her family and friends helped her practice and gave her good advice. Goodwin would like to congratulate everyone for a job well done and say thank you to Mrs. DeVonne Smalls and Ms. Tonia Young, Junior Class Sponsors.

“It felt good to come in first place because I felt as though I gave it my all,” Goodwin said.

Isaac always wanted to do this since her Freshman year, but she didn’t raise enough money, so this year she put her heart and soul into it; she told her family and friends a month in advance that she was going to do this.  She went to practice, raised money, and believed in herself.  Isaac was nervous at first because of all the people in the audience.  It felt great to win Miss Junior; she feels she can come back next year and win Miss Keenan. Isaac raised $250.00; her family and friends believed in her to achieve her goal of winning.

“This was my first pageant, and I really enjoyed myself; I did things people will never see me doing,” Isaac said.

For Stewart, this was a new experience that seemed fun to do.  She had to raise money, buy outfits, find a song to sing, and dance for her talent.  It was a wonderful feeling to hear her name being called for first runner up.  Stewart raised $350.00; her family and friends helped her pick out her outfit.

“[Being in the pageant] gave me more confidence in my everyday life,” Stewart said.

The pageant is not about winning money, hearing one’s name called and coming in First or Second Runner-up, or getting crowned Mr. or Miss Keenan. It’s about having fun and trying something new.