By Jacolby Ferguson, Sports Editor

Quinton Johnson, a Senior at Keenan, won the WLTX Player of the Week Award following a 28-point, 12-rebound performance against Batesburg-Leesville on Jan. 17, 2012.

How does it feel to win player of the week award?

“It feels good to win such an award; it really goes to show that hard work pays off.”

Who would you like to thank for the award?

“First and foremost I would like to thank God, my family, teacher[s], coaches, and close friends. They all are my support system.”

Will you strive for it again later on in the year?

“You can’t win this award again, but if it was possible, I would love to.”

What does it take to win the award?

“Hard work and success in academics mainly, and being able to play a sport while doing so.”

What accolades come with the award?

“A letterman jacket, a plaque, and a $20.00 Rush’s gift card.”

Why do you think you deserve this award?

“Just from my hard work on and off the basketball court. I’m just very blessed to gain an award like this; anyone other than me could have won it, so that’s why I just stay humble and continue to be blessed no matter what.”