By Eric Brazzle Jr., Sports Writer

In the year of 2011 the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals were some of the best championship series games over a decade. After the Cardinals won the championship, many of people started to like baseball.

Coach Betty Gortman was one the women who has loved baseball all her life.

“The reason why I like baseball is because she grew-up playing softball. I was a player and a coach. It was a sport that [is] easy to understand and fun to watch,” Gortman said.

Gortman always waited a long time to see a game that would get people to watch and change their thinking of baseball.

“I like the series, but I think that the Atlanta Braves should have [gone] to the Championship series because that is my favorite team,” Gortman said.

A lot of people like the Atlanta Braves, but Coach Gortman likes them for a different reason.

“I like the Atlanta Braves because [they are] closest to me. My favorite player from the Atlanta Braves of all time is Jason Heyward. He is very accurate with his batting, and his defense is awesome,” Gortman said.

Gortman is not the only person who likes baseball in Keenan. Coach Mitchell Moton is another person that likes baseball.  Moton is one who has loved baseball all his life.

“The reason why I like baseball is because it’s a challenge. It’s a thinking man’s game, and it’s the most fundamental games to play,” Moton said.

Moton was one the boys who always wanted to play baseball. His favorite baseball team had the best hitter in the world at the time.

“Chicago Cubs is my favorite team. The reason why I like them is because that is my childhood team, and you got to stick with your child hood team. The Chicago Cubs had the best batter in the world, [who] is my favorite player, Sammie Sosa,” Moton said.

The Chicago Cubs was one of the teams that nobody could stop, but over the years, they were going downhill. Even Moton said so.

“[The] Chicago Cubs may not ever win a Championship Baseball series again, but I’m still thinking they may have a chance,” Moton said.