By Christina Belton, Features Writer, and Shawn Washington, Sports Writer

The JROTC Raider Battalion is having its Military Ball on March 16. The cadets are working to put the Ball together and make it better than last year.

“I feel like having the ball will reward all the cadets for their hard work during this school year,” Senior Kareisha Boyd said.

The Ball is held every year around the end of the school year. Each year there is something different about the Ball.

“The programs are coming along really good; I’m being really artistic and creative. I have a vision of a starlight, red-carpet event,” Junior Chris Cochran said.

Cochran has the job of making the programs. The programs show the order that the Ball will go in and the theme of the event.

“I plan that the students will have a good time doing the same thing they do every year, to have a successful ball,” Sgt. Brenda Boyd, JROTC Instructor, said.

The Military Ball will be held at the NCO Club at Fort Jackson. Cadets Shawn Washington, Matthew Cook, Chris Cochran (Juniors) and Lehken Smith and Kareshia Boyd (Seniors) are working hard to make sure everything goes well at the Ball. This year the Ball will be much better than last year’s.