By Latasha Williams, Sports Writer

Spoken Word is about teenagers writing poetry and saying their feelings. Spoken Word is a one-day event which happened on November 9. They had many varieties of poetry such as haiku, sonnets and free verse.

“I had a jam working with my friend Charnice Ray,” Ms. Jessica Robinson, English Teacher, said.

It was funny and full of life. There was serious poetry about people’s lives and how they felt. The silly part is having fun with your friends.

“Poetry is life and dance and how you vibe,” Senior Tammaka Staley said.

It felt like everybody was into it; they snapped when something good was said. There was so much expression in singing and dance, and everything was positive.

“Who I am came out when I read my poetry,” Senior Khori Hall said.

Spoken word was very good this year. It felt open and new because of different students.

“[I] was very impressed by the way the student poetry came out,” Mr. Robert Woolford,  Special Education Teacher, said.