By Taylor Neal, News Editor

Unity Princesses is an organization founded by Mrs. Evelyn Cunningham, a former teacher at Keenan.

Cunningham first came up with the idea of Unity Princess while attending North Charleston High School.

The reason she deiced to create an organization like Unity Princess is because of all the teen pregnancies and female fights at North Charleston High School.

The letters in Unity stand for:





Y-Young Lady

Unity Princesses is designed to pull young ladies together to teach them self worth and the importance of abstaining from any type of sexual activities until marriage.

Psalm 139:13-14, 17 is the scripture that is used to motivate the young ladies. It is also the motto of Unity Princess.

The purposes of Unity Princesses are:

1)    To help improve the self-image of young ladies.

2)    To give young ladies an opportunity to air out problems rather than resorting to fighting.

3)    To eliminate teen pregnancies by encouraging abstinence.

4)    To help members deal with personal and family issues.

5)    To become peer mediators for other young ladies in the school as well as feeder schools.

6)    To teach members to act like young ladies.

7)    To teach proper dress.

8)    To encourage members to help and support each other socially and academically.

9)    To encourage members to serve as role models in the school and community.

10) To reach out and help others by participating in service activities at Keenan and in the community.

The goals of Unity Princesses are:

1)    To build self-esteem in each young lady.

2)    To teach abstinence.

3)    To teach how to love and get along with family and peers.

4)    To encourage high academic standards.

5)    To encourage higher education.

6)    To teach them to give back to the school and community through service activities.

7)    To teach the importance of being a role model for others.

8)    To teach them to understand young men better by using young men and older men as seminar leaders.

9)    To teach them to respect young men.

10) To be a productive citizen in the society.

Unity Princesses is a way for young ladies to express themselves in a respectful and proper manner.

They also get a lot of things as Unity Princesses as well.

“[Members] serve as role models in the school and community,” Mrs. Alexandria Williams, Unity Princesses Sponsor, said.

The purpose of Unity Princesses is to help the individual from with, both socially and academically.

“[We want] to help improve the attitudes, self image, relationships, and academic achievement among young ladies,” Williams said.

Unity Princess and the Young Kings Club work very closely with each other.

“We are both organizations that promote the overall well being of young ladies and gentleman,” Williams said.

There are a lot of girls in Unity Princess, and they all get different things out of it.

“I have serious discussions on stuff I couldn’t talk to my parents about,” Sophomore Desia Truesdale said.