By Ashley Goodwin, News Writer, and Shawn Washington, Sports Writer

Keenan’s JROTC Drill Team had its last drill competition on December 1 at Dreher High School. The Drill Meet involved schools from District One. The cadets worked hard to place 1st in the District, but they fell short; instead they received 2nd and 3rd in another event that occurred.

“I felt the Drill Meet was successful; overall we could have done better, but it was fun,” Senior Kareshia Boyd said.

The Drill Meet had different Drill Sergeants who were watching the cadets’ every move. Senior Josheria Wilson and Junior Matthew Cook did well during their routine, Duet Armed; their precision was good and so were their moves. Though they did not place, the cadets still kept their heads up.

“I felt like a leader, and I felt that I had accomplished something important,” Cook said.

The cadets who were calling commands had to learn their commands and watch the boundaries so they would not step out. They tried hard; even though some Teams did not place the cadets still did a wonderful job.

“I am proud of all the people on the team that stayed dedicated. Hopefully next year they will do much better,” Senior Kareisha Boyd said.

Junior Chris Cochran and Senior Marquisia Miller called commands for the Color Guard. Cook did Individual Armed. Freshman Moesha Priester called commands for the Freshman squad. Senior Josheria Wilson is the Drill Team Commander and Junior Shawn Washington is the Drill Team Co-Commander.