By Tiara Jones, News Writer

The Darkest Hour was a movie about invisible beings coming to a foreign country killing off all life. While many didn’t survive, the souls who did battled to see why they where there and how to stop the aliens.  The humans would live another day. The purpose of the killings was foggy, but overall it was a good movie and very exciting to watch.

Specifically what I like was the scenery they chose for the movie, all the action that was taking place, and how everyone tried to stick together to survive. The scenes that stuck out the most were when they realized how to know when the aliens were nearby using light bulbs, when they lit up the humans knew the aliens were close, when the humans found out if they hid behind glass the aliens wouldn’t notice them, and when one of the leads in the movie made it his duty to find the girl he was really into. I also think that all the actors played their roles to the fullest. I would recommend anyone to go watch. I would give this movie thumbs up.