By Abbreonna Tobias, Features Writer

Sophomore Jonathan Evans plays in the band and is a string bass player. He has been playing for a while now.

Evans participated in the Region Orchestra Festival on November 18 and 19 at Lexington High School.

“Preparing for the festival [meant] practice, practice, practice,” Evans said.

When Jonathan is at home he uses his time by practicing for band and orchestra. He says he practices for more than 45 minutes.

“I have been playing the string bass for five years,” Evans said.

He enjoys playing because that’s what he always wanted to do. In five years he has played a lot of different songs.

“I like playing the string bass because of the beautiful sound,” Evans said.

The string bass is a beautiful instrument.

Despite working with Jonathan, Junior Moriah West didn’t make it to the festival.

“Hearing Jonathan play…is amazing.  We have played together before; he is the First Chair of South Carolina for Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.  Jonathan is very smart, quiet, focus[ed and] helpful,” West said.

Jonathan has a lot of confidence about his music and being a string bass player. He wants to be a professional string player one day.