By Tarnisha Thomas, News Writer

The Keenan Raider Rubber Band competed in the Asymmetrix National High Step Band Competition. It was held on the campus of John C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

“[In the 3A division,] the band received 2nd place in both music and general affect,” Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director, said.

The Raider Rubber Band consists of 95 band members who worked hard to prepare for the National High Step Competition.

“As far as challenges, keeping ourselves mentally prepared was one of our challenges,” Hopkins said.

Most of the bands that attended the competition came from Virginia, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina and New York.

“For my first time going to nationals, it was amazing. I mean just being with the band was enough for me because we all have great things to bring to the table, and I’m going to enjoy myself even more next year on the band,” Markell Hall, Baritone Player, said.