By Kayla Brannon, Sports Reporter

The Keenan Cheerleaders worked hard and did well at qualifiers on November 17, 2011.

“The cheerleaders have devoted their time and effort into practices,” Coach Deidre Hutson said.

From school to tutoring straight to practice, the cheerleaders have been putting everything together for the competition. Sophomore Desia Truesdale, beginning to master the teddy bear, worked hard through injuries. The teddy bear is a move when three cheerleaders are holding one cheerleader in the air in the sitting position.

Placing 3rd at the Viking Invitational, the cheerleaders continued to practice and prepare for qualifiers.

“I’m very excited; I hope we win,“ Truesdale said.

At practices the cheerleaders learned a lot of new stunts. Truesdale mastered a lib, balancing with one foot in the air, and a basket toss, being tossed into the air and doing a toe touch. Seniors Kayana Hendricks and Brittany Hopkins mastered a fall back with a turn, going straight into an extension. Junior Jasmine Hillary also accomplished the extension, when someone is lifted into the air.

“We will be ready,” Sophomore Khadijah Lesane said.

Having confidence in their team, the cheerleaders performed very well at qualifiers and will continue to prepare for upcoming seasons and competitions.