By Za’Diamond Landon, News Writer

The Delta GEMS are doing at lot this year to prepare themselves for the future. They are visiting colleges such as Winthrop University, Savannah State University and Georgia Southern University, as well as the College of Charleston.

“It gives the girls chances to explore colleges’ campuses, and gives them college options,” Mrs. Dalphine Humphrey, Delta GEMS Advisor, said.

The Delta GEMS are always helping out others while they are helping themselves. This year they are helping others during the Christmas season. They decorated the school Christmas tree as they did last year. The Delta GEMS are having a holiday social to spread the Christmas spirit and just have fun, as well as doing some service projects to help out the community.

“I really do enjoy Delta GEMS and the activities that we do,” Freshman Janee Abraham said.

The Delta GEMS have also learned how to save other lives.  They have learned how to do CPR and how to revive a person when he or she is choking. These are just a few things that the Delta GEMS are going to do this year.

“I really did enjoy the CPR lesson; I learned at lot on CPR,” Mrs. Charnice Ray, Delta GEMS Advisor, said.