By Danaya Kennedy, News writer

The purpose of Mrs. Charnice Ray’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing assignment was to improve the students’ speaking skills so the students will get comfortable speaking in front of a big crowd.

“This assignment was fun, and it taught us valuable information for being a spokesperson,” Senior Deon Green said.

The Sports and Entertainment Marketing class contained a lesson on professional sports. The lesson was about professional athletes, sports agents and advertisements. Students were placed into pairs. One student was serving as the sports agent and the other serving as the athlete. Each group had to create a profile for its client (athlete).

“It helps me enhance my public speaking skills and prepare a speech within 30 seconds,” Senior Devin Allen said

The students had to do a lot of research about what athlete and endorsement they wanted.  Ray was looking for someone who was enthusiastic, fun, could speak clearly and also knew the information who could be a spokesperson.

“The overall lesson was a challenge, but I think the students really enjoyed it,” Ray said.