By Tarnisha Thomas, News Reporter

On Saturday, October 29, 2011, the Marching Raider “Rubber” Band hosted a Battle of the Bands. The Battle of the Bands was located at Memorial Stadium.

“[The purpose was] to showcase the talent of students in South Carolina,” Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director, said.

At the Battle of the Bands, there were canteens where people could buy snacks and things, while they watched the bands perform.

At the competition there were 13 bands.

“This wasn’t our best performance, but we did the best considering our mental state; it shows a lot about our program that we can still come off on top even on a bad day. We knew what we messed up on, and where we needed correction,” Senior Nicholaus Outen, French Horn Player, said.

The Marching Raider “Rubber” Band performed at 3:00 that Saturday afternoon.

The band came in 1st place with a score of 90.8.

“I think we were not focused, but our energy was still crazy,” Junior Alexis Fishburne, Clarinet Player, said.

Out of all the competitions the band members have performed in, the score they received at this competition has been the highest they have received all year.

“I think that even though that wasn’t our best performance, our spirit and energy made the difference in everything,” Sophomore Laurielle Gibson, Clarinet Player, said.