By Tiara Jones, News Writer

While attending their studies at Keenan, some students may have notice that there were other students on campus who were not quite the same. Certain teachers were assigned student teachers from different colleges; these students are inspired to teach the youth. Mr. Christopher Curtis, Mrs. Deanna Nelson, Mr. Daniel Boyce, Ms. Megan Todd, Ms. Kahdijah Hulwu and Ms. Erin McGee were the few who wanted to take on this challenge of teaching the youth.

“I can benefit [students] with my experiences and helping them through their issues and questions,’’ McGee said.

They’re ready to begin this new experience to help guide their future students in the right direction and help them discover their true passions in life.

“I want to make a difference in students’ educations and prepare them for their futures,’’ Boyce said.

The student interns each have the same amount of time to graduate, and they all are very excited to start the next chapter in their careers. Each stated that he or she will use these experiences through school to help maintain future students, and in doing so, they will evolve into better teachers and have a better understanding of how things work in a classroom.

“If all goes according to plan I will graduate in May and I will get my certificate in July so I can start teaching in the fall,’’ Todd said.

The student interns all want to teach on the high school level so that there won’t be as much immaturity in the classroom than there will be teaching on an the elementary or middle school level.  Each teaching intern has his or her own specialty.

“I’m interested in any kind of English, composition [and] creative writing at any level Freshman through Senior,’’ Curtis said.

The teachers are working with the interns to make sure they are successful and confident before they pass them on into their real classrooms.