By Ryan Smith, Features Reporter

Keenan’s chorus has a busy schedule these upcoming months with auditions and competitions, all ending with a talent show in November.

Chorus events coming up:

  • Honors Chorus Audition: Nov 10
  • All State: Nov 4-8
  • Talent Show : November

“They are the only events coming up this November,” Mrs. Carolyn Cleveland, Choral Director, said.

Freshman American Choral Director Honors Carmen Hares is the chorus standout this year.

“She is one of my most talented and hardworking students,” Cleveland said.

Hares became an American choral Director Honors when she was selected in the audition process which deals with vocalization: students have to sing two unaccompanied major scale patterns on solfege syllables, 100, numbers or any other comfortable syllables. Then second she had to sing “America.” Singing pieces, she had to sing the first verse unaccompanied. No other sounds other than the initial pitches and the applicant singing should be recorded.

Cleveland has multiple reasons for also starting an all-male chorus.

Having an all-male chorus means there are a lot of opportunities for young males who love to express their talent for singing like the Glee Club.

“To inspire more boys to sing because many don’t sing at all, they are utilizing their voice, they will enhance the chorus program, and they add much richness to the choral repertoire, “Cleveland said.

Cleveland says that Keenan is the first school to try out for the All-State Chorus. The students who are participating in the All-state chorus are Senior Nathalie Stewart, Junior Samonia Mason, Sophomore Asyria Sims, Junior Kayla Washington and Seniors Courtney Wallace, Christus Jamison and Emanuel Brown.

To become eligible for South Carolina (American Choral Directors Choir) Honor Choirs, singers must be enrolled in a SC Choral program. Students will have to be in 10th-12th grades in the 2011-2012 school year to be eligible to audition. Each singer’s audition must be prepared and submitted by a sponsoring director, who is a current member of American Choral Directors Choir.