By Shawn Washington and Latasha Williams, Sports Writers

Senior Jocolby Brown won Player of the Week for Keenan. She felt very accomplished and good that she was getting rewarded for her playing sports.

“I was extremely nervous when getting the award,” Brown said.

Her teammates made her feel well loved about being on the volleyball team and winning the Player of the Week. It happened unexpectedly, and she was very surprised.

Best friends Ray Shannon Maxwell and Yasmine Romey, both Seniors, were glad that their best friend won Player of the Week.

“I don’t think anybody else should’ve won,” Maxwell said.

Brown is very dependable and a hard working person; she won Player of the Week for the way she plays sports. She makes volleyball seem so easy.

“I felt like she won because she did her best at playing volleyball,” Romey said.

Both friends think it feels great to be friends with a girl like Brown. She does her best in class; she’s honest, respectful and dependable in everything she does.

“I’m glad she won,” Sophomore Jasmine Haggins said.

Haggins thinks Brown does her best every time she plays. When it is time to play, Brown brings her A game every time.

“We’re always proud of our students when they achieve their goals. I think her accomplishments are extremely great, and it’s a tribute to her friends, family and Keenan. She’s a class act. Her personality is great; she’s a people person and gets along with everyone,” Mrs. Charnice Ray, Business Education Teacher, said.

Through her behavior Brown has let the students at Keenan know that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

“She is doing a great job, and it’s pleasure for her to be around,” Coach Zachary Norris, Drivers Education Teacher, said.

This is a great honor, and it also says a lot about her loyalty and dedication. Her performance speaks for itself. There are a number of students on the team. Brown is hard working and deserved to be recognized in the Midlands as an academic student.

“Her performance was well noticed,” Coach Betty Gortman, Volleyball Coach, said.