By Danaya Kennedy, Features Writer

The smell of Philly cheese steaks, Candied Apples and other fine foods filled the air in Columbia. The South Carolina State Fair was last month, October 12-23.

This year’s South Carolina State Fair was a great success. There were almost over 442,000 people a day; this year’s theme was “Find Your Happy.” The fair included the famous rides from the swings to the Drop Zone; there were well over 76 rides at the fair this year.

“It was fun; the rides were good and the food was excellent,” Senior Deon Kennedy said.

The Fair had many live performances; elephant tricks, racing pigs, and The Roots. Most people liked the exhibits, which included a sand castle of the State House, agriculture, flowers, and many more educational exhibits.

“The exhibits were so unique and beautiful” Junior Keanta Sales said.

Out of all of the attractions at the fair, most people were talking about the new cuisine the fair had to offer, from their sold-out Doughnut Burgers to their fried Kool-Aid being their newest top-selling food.

“Fried Kool-Aid was the best new feature at the fair this year,” senior Deon Green said.