By Taylor Neal, News Editor

Many Raiders don’t know much about the new Beta Club. The Beta Club is made up of Sophomores who exhibited good academics and behavior in their Freshman year.

“The Beta Club is an academic organization that prompts volunteering in your community,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, Beta Club Sponsor, said.

The Beta Club is a way for students to learn how to help out their communities and build relationships.

“Students are selected to join the Beta Club by having a 3.25 or higher grade point average and having no discipline infractions. They are also chosen by being school leaders and exhibiting leadership skills and willingness to do service learning and community service,” Stuart said.

Students who have reached the 3.25 or higher grade point average are very curious and excited to the join the Beta Club.

“The Beta Club promotes academic achievement and character among high school students,” Mrs. Alexandria Williams, Beta Club Co-Sponsor, said.

The Beta Club’s first official meeting of the year is on November 1.

Many students are thinking about accepting the invitation to become a part of the new Beta Club.

“I feel that it would be a would be a wonderful experience and look good on college app[lications],” Sophomore Ayanna Suber said.

Many students are looking forward to joining the Beta Club because it will help them become better and smarter students.

“It will enhance my education, and it will look good on my resume,” Sophomore Diamond Covington said.

The Beta Club is a way for students to learn how to help others. Being a part of the Beta Club is a great honor and a great achievement to have.

“I know that this program…will empower you to be [a] successful contributing citizen in a global society,” Williams said.