By Shawn Washington and Latasha Williams, Sports Writers

On Friday, September 30, there was a football game with the Keenan Raiders against the Eau Claire Shamrocks. Football players Matrick Belton and DavidMichael Clark, both Seniors, and the other football players realized that they were nervous because it was a Homecoming game, but they won.

“[I] felt like it was important and had to be accomplished,” Clark said.

Clark said the Homecoming activities were decent; it gave the team a lot of confidence before the game. He said he was proud that he was a major part of the game and was very excited that he helped the team accomplish its goal to win the game.

The team practiced very hard before the game to make sure its plays were on point.

“We practiced well all week, and everyone knew their assignments to win the game,” Belton said.

Belton said he was nervous because he did not want to let the school down for the big regional play off. They were very excited and stayed focus for the next big game.

“[I felt it] separated the boys from the men,” Junior Daytron Hyman said.

There were lots of ups and downs. It was a good game to win and get ready for regionals.  There were a lot of big keys and goals to be run for this game. Coach Derek Howard was excited that they won and kept it going to get ready for the next game.