By Christina Belton, News Writer

The Raiderettes are a big part of the football team. They keep the crowd focused and interested in the games.  Some of the Raiderettes are thinking about pursuing dancing as a career, and dancing at football games can prepare them for this .

“Dancing as a career is not necessarily the first thing to come to mind, but it may be a second choice if the first career choice doesn’t work out,” Sophomore Qiyuana Wright said.

Dancing against others can be a struggle to the Raiderettes. Forgetting dance moves can damage the team’s chances of winning.

“I have forgotten dance steps because I was focused on what others were doing,” Wright said

A conflict can encourage others to not put effort in what they are doing.

“To solve the conflict between team members, they sit down and talk to each other until the conflict is solved,” Junior LaPortia Smith said.

Preparing for the competitions can be very hard. Everyone works hard to accomplish the goals they are working for.

“We practice every day afterschool except on Mondays and Fridays,” Wright said

Everyone has special skills. Other teammates take dancing really seriously and notice the standouts.

“The best dancers on the team are Qiyuana Wright, Kenora Entzminger, Countess Robinson, Diamond Covington, Samonia Mason and Kadeedra Elkins,” Smith said.

The next competition is coming up. Teams all over have been practicing every week to win this competition.

“Saturday is the next competition. We are working very hard each day and our dance moves are different from last year, and that makes us want to work harder,” Sophomore Raven Watts said.