by Assatta Herbert, News Reporter, and Sentel Snipes, News Editor

Spring Break is a time when students get to take a miniature vacation from education. As Spring Break approaches, students began to get anxious. Many students at Keenan participated in various activities that constantly kept them busy.

“I [was] looking forward to the break because between basketball and school, I [was] physically and mentally exhausted,” Junior Craig Taylor said.

During Spring Break, students participated in various activities such as sleeping, hanging out with friends, partying and just simply relaxing.

“My Spring Break allowed me to free my mind from stress and enjoy a relaxing vacation with my friends,” Senior Ashley Benjamin said.

Giving students a break allowed students to rejuvenate themselves and come back to school ready to learn. Spring Break also gave the teachers the same benefits.

“This [was] the last break before summer vacation so I plan to enjoy it by sleeping a lot and partying with friends,” said Sophomore Giovanni Johnson.

Spring Break was a time for students to have nothing but fun.