By Courtney Wallace, News Writer

The Senior Project is a program that the Seniors must complete using the three p’s, which include a paper, project, and presentation. The Seniors must choose whether to base their Senior Project on their career choices or on topics of interest. The Senior Project is a new program that has been enacted at Keenan. The Senior Project will become a permanent objective at Keenan because it’s part of the High Schools That Work initiative.

“Yes, the Senior Project was a success being that it was our first year doing it and 97% of Seniors actually completed the project and presented the project,” Ms. Mary Haile, English Teacher, said.

According to the number of Seniors who actually participated in the Senior Project, there was a successful outcome. A vast number of Seniors took the initiative and completed the task, with many of them having good grades.

“Most Seniors did their projects relating to the health fields,” Senior Kimberly Cartledge.