By Shantrell Mitchell, Graphics Editor

In February of 2011, Junior Tammaka Staley, was recognized by the United States Achievement Academy as a Student of Excellence in Mathematics. Staley was nominated by my Ms. Deirdre Hutson, Mathematics Teacher, to receive the award and has been placed in the organization’s yearbook. The United States Achievement Academy honor is given to students in grades 6 through 12 who are doing an outstanding job in their studies. Also with this award, students are eligible to receive a scholarship for their outstanding success. The scholarship is offered in the amount of $10,000 and followed by up to $1,500 in grants given by the Dr. George Stevens Foundation. Staley is eager to know if she will receive the scholarship and is filled with joy for the great recognition.

“I was so happy that someone thought highly of me enough to nominate me for such a distinguished recognition. I am very proud of myself,” Staley said.

Staley has proven through not only academic excellence but also through great leadership skills and outstanding social efforts amongst her peers and others that she is a well rounded individual. Many of her classmates are also happy for Staley and have nothing but positive words to share about her.

“Tammaka, well, she definitely cannot be described in one word. She is an outgoing person that no matter what situation it is will find a way to smile and make others laugh as well. Her personality is fun and genuine, and I’m so proud that she has been given this honor. She has encouraged me to strive a little harder,” Junior Kareshia Boyd said.

Not only do her peers agree with her success and enjoy her presence in school, but the teachers who make some of these things possible are excited for her as well.

“I think [she is] a well deserving young lady. I have had the pleasure of knowing [her] since [her] middle school days, and I can honestly say [she] are a hard worker, determined and never willing to accept second best,” Mrs. Charnice Starks-Ray, Business Education Teacher, said.

Staley has truly showed how determination and effort can take one a long way. Her works through academics and exceptional leadership skills have encouraged others and will continue to be an attribute in her success.