By Keanna Jones, News Writer

Summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and fun after the long and difficult school times. Summer is the months that students everywhere look forward to when school gets hard or tiresome. Summer vacation at lasts from May 28, 2011 to August 15, 2011.

“During summer vacation I am joining the Urban League Summer Program, and hopefully I will get a job at Sonic,” Freshman Zaria Kinsler said.

This summer the Keenan programs and camps offered are:

–          The STEM Camp at Allen University focusing on technology and science

–          The Marching Keenan Raider Rubber Band Camp

–          Various sports conditioning camps

“I will probably go out of town, work, hang out with friends and family and go to the beach for summer vacation,” Sophomore Samonia Mason said.

There is also going to be summer school for Keenan students, yet it will be offered at A.C. Flora High School, and there are plans for attendance recovery. The administration should have information out on those subject matters shortly.

“My plans for the summer are to work, go to Florida with my family, hang out with friends and view colleges,” Junior  Donnie Williams said.

The other things that students can do this summer are to do summer vacation work for the next school year. The work that is required for each class is available for students by the teachers. If there are any further questions about summer work during the summer, then the lists should be available on the school website.

“All I’m doing this summer is work…and I’m going to do some traveling,” Senior Tyriese Robinson said.

An idea for fun this summer is to apply for internships for jobs that students might want to do. These summer internships will look great on college applications and also give students some insight as to what people who have their dream jobs do on a daily basis.

Some things teachers are planning to do this summer are rest, relax, maybe travel to their home countries, teach summer school, go to a few workshops and go to the beach.