By Nathalie Stewart, Features Editor

Just recently Richland County School District One was awarded America’s Best Communities for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM). This is the third time in a row that RCSD1 has received this award.

How ironic is it that Gov. Nikki Haley wants to cut funding for the arts, specifically when schools in South Carolina excel so high in this area?

“I think that it is wrong for her to cut the arts funding because a lot of people are not good at sports or great academic achievers, and the performing arts is what they really can relate to,” Junior Toni Foster said.

Many people who participate in dance, band, chorus and drama are active in the arts because it gives them something to do other than just go to school and back home.

“Without the arts I would feel like school and my life would be incomplete. Since I don’t play sports, dance is a way that I can get away and do something. I feel that this is unfair, and something needs to be done,” Junior Kenora Entzminger said.

Even at Keenan, students receive some of the highest honors by being a part of the arts programs. All of the departments have someone representing the school in the Honors and All-State programs.

The arts give the school something special that just can’t be taken away. To take such a gift away from the youth would be horrible and result in some kids acting out because they will stand up for what they believe in and love dearly.

Until the last and final verdict about the arts funding, RCSD1 and Keenan especially will keep flying high and accomplishing goals in the arts programs.