By Jessica Riley, Sports Writer

Sophomore Daquan Clarke got interested in track when he found out how fast he was; he never gets tired when running, and he runs long distance. To help motivate him when he’s running are his coaches; they help motivate him by giving him tips on how to run and how to keep pace. When Clarke wins, he gets metals and trophies, and when he loses, he gets mad, but it helps him figure out how to do better the next time to win. To get himself in shape and prepare him for a race, Clarke stretches and exercises a lot.

Sophomore Jacqueline “Jackie” Staley always thought about running track and thought it sounded interesting. To help her prepare for a race, she does curves and stretches. The types of awards she gets are medals, trophies and rings for individuals and teams.  Even though she thought track was interesting, Staley was pressured into doing it by her father, but after doing it, she found out how much fun it was and that she liked it. She would usually get tired after the race because she just got finished running. Winning a regular race is nothing like winning a track race; first and second place doesn’t matter in a track race—it is determined by time and score.

“When I win a race I feel very thrilled and excited,” Staley said.

What keeps her motivated during the race is the thought of winning and getting awards.

Sophomore Jocelyn Grace tried some of the other sports, but they weren’t very interesting, so she decided on track. To help Grace prepare for a race, she will usually start with two laps just to warm up and then run four curves. Grace gets metals and rings as awards for winning races. Because she runs long distance, she usually gets tired during and after the race. Grace likes track, and it is something she wanted to do; she didn’t get stuck with it, so when she wins a race, it makes her feel very good—it makes her feel as if she’s getting better. The way she wins is by time, but if she scratches then she loses. In order for her to not give up in the middle of the race, she takes her mind off the race by singing a song in her head.