By Courtney Wallace, News Writer

Graduation is the time of year when students come together to take their last walk as Seniors. They will embark on their final high school journey as they prepare for graduation at the Carolina Coliseum.  Various Seniors have similar feelings about how they are preparing for graduation.

“[I have been] keeping up with my grades, going to class, concentrating in class and filling out college applications,” Senior Jasmine Oglesby said.

As time grows near for graduation, Seniors work hard to put in their college applications, pay their Senior dues, apply for scholarships and make the best grades possible.

“I feel appreciated in all my twelve years; my hard work has paid off. I’m ready for something new,” Senior Eric Washington said.

Seniors sense a feeling of appreciation for their hard work in high school as they are planning to walk across the stage as future college students.

“I feel wonderful because I’m so ready to graduate. It’s just a great feeling in all,” Senior Tia Rankin said.

On graduation day, Seniors will share their high school memories, and many will shed tears. Graduation is a time for happiness and achievement. Once the Seniors walk across the stage, they are no longer high school students; they are alumni.