By Keanna Jones, News Writer

It is said that teachers and educators are the basis of everything. Without teachers there would not be any other professions. Teachers pave the way for the economic and job success people have today. At Keenan teachers also open doors for students through their many organizations that allow students to partake in opportunities they otherwise would not have had. Teacher appreciation week occurred on the week of May 2-May 6.

One of the things that students do at Keenan to show teachers that they care are the teacher appreciation posters that the students make for their teachers with little messages that show how much they care. Doughnuts were provided on Thursday May 5, 2011, by Keenan Principal, Mr. Alvin Pressley. Subway worked with the school on Friday May 6, 2011, to provide lunch for all of the teachers. Those are just small tokens of appreciation. Chick-Fil-A on Forest Drive also provided a free chicken sandwich to any teacher with his or her ID one day during that week.

“[Teacher Appreciation Week] really made my heart smile when students wrote on the door because usually you don’t hear that you made an impact on students until later on, so the best part for me was the teacher appreciation posters,” Dr. Rhia Hamilton, Social Studies Teacher, said.

The history of teacher appreciation week according to the National Education Association is that around 1944 Arkansas teacher Mattye Whyte Woodridge wanted a day to honor teachers, so she wrote to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt in 1953 got the congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day which eventually turned into a week.

“It was good. I enjoyed the food, and I thought the teacher appreciation papers that the students signed was cool,” Ms. Ayanna Smith, Foreign Language Teacher, said.

Teachers really like hearing that they have an impact on student’s lives, especially at Keenan High, where students show they care.