By Tammaka Staley, News Writer

During the month of May Keenan was recognized for outstanding academic excellence through receiving the Palmetto Silver Award. This award was presented to Keenan because we exemplified greatness in academics by closing the achievement gap and getting more students to pass the yearly HSAP test.

“I feel good [about the award]. I think it is a well-deserved honor that we were awarded for closing the achievement gap and getting more students to pass the HSAP,” Mr. Alvin Pressley, Principal, said.

This award not only gave a great look to the school as a whole from outsiders but also had a positive effect on students and their teachers as well.

“I believe it will push students to want to keep improving and outdo the previous graduating classes. That way the striv[ing] for excellence will never stop,” Sophomore Austin Wells said.

Teachers also had positive thoughts on this honorable award. The award will affect students from a teachers view point.

“I think it is an excellent award because it shows how much the students at Keenan ha[ve] achieved and how much more they can achieve by being motivated, conscientious and the teachers and students working together,” Ms. Henrietta Montgomery, Social Studies Department Chairperson, said.

Even though many students may not be completely aware of their strengths, they are capable of great things with effort, time and willingness and this award sufficiently proves that. The Kennan Raiders are sure to continue to be successful.