By Moriah West, News Editor

Summer break is quickly approaching, but it’s not yet here.  Before students can truly celebrate the end of the school year, they must undergo a series of tests, including the End of Course (EOC) examinations.  Subjects for the EOC exams are Algebra I, English I, Biology I, Physical Science Engineering and United States History.

“My [Algebra I] students are well prepared for passing the EOC.  We have covered all the material in the textbook, and we use USATestprep,” Mrs. Catina Garner, Mathematics Teacher, said.

Garner wasn’t the only person who shared thoughts on the EOC.

“My students will be taking the EOC for engineering; I predict about 70% of them passing,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, Science Department Chairperson, said.

Some students are very confident about passing the EOC.  Senior Shar Norman is proof of that.

“I’m taking the EOC for Biology; when I was a Freshman, taking biology was not required for graduation. Now it is. I’m not really concerned [about passing],” Norman said.

The prospects for Keenan students passing the EOC are bright.  Garner offers one last word of advice before taking the test.

“It’s important to remember that students should give this test their all.  They determine whether they pass or not.  As with anything, you have to put some effort in to get something out,” Garner said.