By Kalifa Lewis, Features Writer

On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, the National Honor Society hosted its second blood drive of the year in the Keenan auditorium. During the first blood drive that took place, Keenan was in competition with its rival school, Eau Claire High School. This time Keenan was in no competition with another school.

“We did this blood drive to help save lives because the blood banks always need blood, and this is a community service project,” Ms. Mary Haile, National Honor Society Advisor said.

The blood drive was successful. Many people gave blood.

“I gave blood because I know people need it. I’ve always wanted to be a civilian hero and save thousands of lives,” Senior Tyshaun Eleazer said.

There were many people who did give blood but did not enjoy the physical consequences of it.

“It was not at good experience for me because the needle was about the size of a pencil, and after I had a headache and my back was hurting; I wouldn’t do it again,” Junior Shane Moore said.

Although there were many people who gave blood, there were also students who did not give blood for various reasons.

“I wish I could have given blood because I could have saved lives,” Senior Tia Rankin said.

Some students also didn’t participate because they may be scared of the size of the needle, or they don’t want to give a pint of blood away.

“I wouldn’t give blood, but I would encourage others to because you could help people and once you give, you will receive,” Junior Deon Green said.