By Mrs. Carolyn Franklin and Mrs. Charnice Ray, Special to the Sword and Shield

Now more than ever, career and technology education courses are needed in secondary education!  Students who participate in career and technology education courses receive numerous benefits. These students are able to help ensure the strength of [the] country’s workforce and provide competitiveness globally. Today’s CATE courses are not the ones your parents or grandparents took; these courses offer more variety in the areas of business, consumer living, and agriculture. CATE courses also provide pathways to job opportunities, business partnerships and 21st century skills for a technological society.

Keenan’s CATE department specializes in providing students with real-world applications for everyday living. Students enrolled in the agriculture courses gain experience in areas of agriculture mechanics and horticulture. The family consumer sciences courses allow students to have hands-on practice with culinary delights and family life. The engineering courses focus on problem solving, teamwork and producing mechanical designs.  Students taking business courses gain…administrative expertise, communication and critical thinking skills and business-world knowledge.

Now do you understand the impact of CATE courses? Stop by today and see a CATE teacher for more information on any of the following courses:

Desktop Publishing

Family Consumer Science

Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Business Law


Introduction to Engineering Design

Digital Electronics

Child Development

Web Page Design

Agriculture Science

Integrated Business Apps I

Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. Ray are Keenan’s Business Education Teachers