By Brandi Muller, Features Writer

Instead of printing out an actual newspaper for Keenan, stories for the Sword and Shield are going to be posted online. By having an online edition of the newspaper, more stories can be posted quicker. Having an online edition of the newspaper has made the Sword and Shield more efficient.

To get to the Sword and Shield online, type in

Now you can view summaries for stories and decide whether you want to read them or not. Stories are presented better with the online edition of the newspaper.

Many people who have visited the site say it is a great success.

“The paper and the online version look excellent!” Dr. Martin Cwiakala, Engineering Teacher, said.

Many teachers seem to like the new look of the online edition of Sword and Shield.

“That is incredible. Very professional looking.  I cannot imagine how many hours went into that!” Ms. Jessica Robison, English Teacher, said.

The online edition’s easy access and slick new look could mean more people reading the newspaper.

“I love it…The newspaper has a professional look.  I thought I was reading the State newspaper online.  Great job, students and Mr. Milligan!” Mrs. Charnice Starks-Ray, Business Education Teacher, said.