By Ms. Christi Lewis, Special to the Sword and Shield

…The members of the Raider Orchestra who successfully auditioned for District Honor Orchestra on Wednesday, February 23…prepared five selections for this audition.  Out of 17 students [who] auditioned, 16 made the cut.  They…participate[d] in the Honor Orchestra Festival on March 11 and 12…at Keenan.  They are:

1)       Moriah West–1st Violin, 2nd Chair

2)       Assatta Herbert–1st Violin, 7th Chair

3)       Jocelyn Grace–1st Violin, 10th Chair

4)       Clinton Bouyer–1st Violin, 11th Chair

5)       Kareshia Boyd–1st Violin, 12th Chair

6)       Gerard Toney–1st Violin, 13th Chair

7)       Brandolyn Mack–2nd Violin, 16th Chair

8)       Tyler Edmond–2nd Violin, 17th Chair

9)       Canthi Commander–Viola, 3rd Chair

10)   Christus Jamison–Viola, 9th Chair

11)   Christopher Phillips–Viola, 11th Chair

12)   Andrew Houser–Viola, 13th Chair

13)   Xavier Goodwin-Hutchinson–Cello, 3rd Chair

14)   Patrick Tyler–Cello, 10th Chair

15)   Jonathan Evans–Bass, 1st Chair

16)   Josheria Wilson–Bass, 3rd Chair

Ms. Lewis is Keenan’s Orchestra Director.