By Moriah West, News Editor

The Richland One Honor Orchestra concert was held March 12, 2011, at 2:00 P.M. in the Keenan Auditorium. Students went through a rigorous process of auditions.

Out of the 17 students who auditioned, 16 students made the cut.  They are Freshman Clinton Bouyer, Junior Kareshia Boyd, Senior Canthi Commander, Sophomore Tyler Edmond, Freshman Jonathan Evans, Senior Xavier Goodwin-Hutchinson, Freshman Jocelyn Grace, Junior Assatta Herbert, Sophomore Andrew Houser, Junior Christus Jamison, Senior Brandolyn Mack, Sophomore Christopher Phillips, Senior Gerard Toney, Sophomores Patrick Tyler and Moriah West and Junior Josheria Wilson.

There were lots of mixed emotions about the concert and being a part of this orchestra.

“I feel accomplished and glad I made my teacher proud,” Phillips said.

One of the most grueling parts of District Honor Orchestra is the chair arrangement.

“I am satisfied with my chair,” Goodwin-Hutchinson said.

A lot of hard work was involved.

“…Hard work pays off, and it’s a pleasure being part of District Honor Orchestra,” Tyler said.