Sophomore LaPortia Smith enjoys the variety that Educosoft gives her math lessons.

Story and Photos by Assatta Herbert, News Writer, and Sentel Snipes, News Editor

Mrs. Tamikah Battles’ Sophomores are using new technology in the classroom. Educosoft is a program that allows students to do tutorials on the lessons given and then complete assignments.

Using technology in the classrooms has made it easier for students to learn.

“Educosoft is pretty good. It’s easier because I like computers and the world is basically revolved around technology,” sophomore Staycee Broomfield said.

Students were accustomed to using USATestprep before Educosoft was introduced. With USATestprep, students are not allowed to complete tutorials before they complete assignments.

“Educosoft is better than USATestprep be-cause it gives examples and a better understanding,” Sophomore Mike Rankin said.

Using technology allows the students to get a break from ongoing classroom discussion.

“I like technology usage because I don’t have to listen to teachers all the time,” Sophomore LaPortia Smith said.

Allowing students to use technology in high school prepares them for the future.

“If we don’t learn how to use technology here in school, where else are we going to learn it?” Broomfield asked.

Sophomore Jayquan Allen uses Educosoft to work on triangles.


Sophomore Eric Brazzle uses Educosoft to compare triangles and check his calculations.
Sophomore Staycee Broomfield sees the use of Educosoft as common sense. “If we don’t learn to use technology in school, where else are we going to learn it?” Broomfield asked.