By DeAna Smalls, Sports Editor

Softball season is just around the corner, and this year comes with some major changes. Some of these changes include Insanity, an intense workout video used to improve cardio.

“Insanity teaches them to endure, to gain strong fitness and let them see how hard work pays off,” Head Softball Coach Betty Gortman said.

This year Gortman has a lot of new players and plans to have a strong focus on the basics of softball so that new players can get a good understanding of the game.

Another change includes the introduction of two new coaches, Coach Shaunzinski Gortman (also known as Shaun), eldest daughter of Coach Betty Gortman, and Coach Reggie McClain.

Coach Shaunzinski Gortman has been playing softball from the age of 7 all the way into middle school, where she played fast-pitch for Brookland-Cayce High School as a 7th and 8th grader.  Two years ago she took up the sport again and now plays co-ed softball. She has recently been asked to play professional softball in The Circuit but has not yet decided to do so.

“I have patience and a lot of passion for working with kids and teaching basic and fundamental concepts that will help their growth and development. I feel that I have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help in re-building Keenan’s softball program,” Coach Shaunzinski Gortman said.

McClain has experience coaching and playing for adult-league softball.  He is looking forward to working with both the players and the Gortmans, and has a goal to work with players who will work hard and are committed to improving their skills.

“The most important thing I can bring to the girls is motivation. It’s easy to coach the fundamentals, so I will inspire them to get to the next level,” McClain said.

The softball team’s first game was March 7 on the Raider Field against Lower Richland High School.