By Keanna Jones, News Writer

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 8, 2011. This is a time when we all think about the wonderful things our mothers have done for us. This day started when the ancient Greeks used to hold festivities to honor Rhea, who is the mother of the gods.

“I feel Mother’s Day is every day. Mothers should be honored by their children all the time. You need the gifts of flowers and I love you every day,” Business Education teacher Mrs. Carolyn Franklin said.

Some gift ideas for mother’s day are flowers, scented candles, chocolates, jewelry, stationary, daily planners, magazine subscriptions, books, lotions and soaps. Or as Franklin said you could give her the gift of “I love you.”  All of these things you can get your mom on this special day to honor her, but the most important thing that you can give her are your time. Just try to spend time with her to let her know how much you care.

“I think Mothers are the backbone of the family. They seem to keep everybody grounded. They are great nurturers and they are selfless and compassionate to everybody they come across. Their role cannot be duplicated,” English teacher Mrs. Charity Ntiasagwe said.

Mother’s Day isn’t just for mothers, but it’s also for grandmothers, aunts, or anybody in your life that cares as a mother figure.

“It lets all the mothers know that they are loved and needed. It also shows that we appreciate everything they do,” Sophomore Moriah West said.

Just remember to let your mother or mother figure know how much you care by giving them something from your heart.