The team, coaches, cheerleaders and supporters gather to celebrate the Raiders’ victory.

By Matrick Belton, Sports Writer

Photos by Mr. JG “Jaz” Outen, Special to the Sword and Shield

Keenan fans were roaring as they watched the Raiders defeat the Mullins Auctioneers 56 to 50.

“The game was tough throughout all four quarters but we kept pushing and claimed the victory,” Junior Quinton Johnson said.

This is the Keenan’s 2nd State Championship title in the past two years, and they were not lonely with the support of the Lady Raiders who played prior to the boys’ game.

The season shocker, Freshman Marcus Stroman, dropped 13 points.

“I feel I did good.  I didn’t do good [in the] 1st half, but I finished strong in the 2nd half.  I am glad I actually contributed to the team for the victory, Stroman said.

Senior Tony Stephenson has his own beliefs as to how the team won.

“Hard work really pays off because during the season we had our ups and downs, but practice was tough.  We had a lot of arguments but at the end we came together as a family and pulled it out,” Stephenson said.

All of the team members have a mutual feeling on their personal performance for the game.  Coach Zachary Norris must be pleased to be such a successful coach.

Team Roster:                                    Coaches Roster:

Quinton Johnson                              Coach Zachary Norris

Josh Harper                                       Coach James Johnson

Eric Hopkins

Braxton Andrews

Tony Stephenson

Eric Washington

Marcus Stroman

Trey Stroman

Erick Tisdale

Kiante Curenton

Britton Reed

Coach Zachary Norris (center) gives his team instructions during the game.